Thinkmax designs and deploys innovative technological solutions supported by ongoing expert consulting services. Since 2012 we've worked with Thinkmax to redesign their brand, provide design and marketing services, as well as ongoing web development and support.

Redesigning the site from the ground up.

Thinkmax's website was entirely redesigned to place a greater focus on their services and mission, and allow visitors to discover an ever-expanding content offering, including insights, news, and articles.

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Custom built and designed.

Custom pages were built to showcase Thinkmax's core services, clients and industries, and profile. Dedicated page layouts were designed to allow content creators to easily author news, articles, and more.

Updating the Thinkmax brand.

When we first met Thinkmax in 2012, they had an outdated logo and no brand direction to speak of. One of our first tasks was to update and modernize their logo and conceive of an overall visual system and philosophy to guide all aspects of their branding and position them as a leader in the space of technology business consulting.

The original logo.

The original logo suffered from a number of issues, both stylistic and technical. It represented a decidedly outdated and discordant design, mixing together a number of elements that didn't share a strong relationship with one another. Elements such as the shadow could also be problematic to reproduce in print, and limited the logo's application in other media. Adding to the inconsistencies, the brand would sometimes be referred to as "Thinkmax", and other times stylized as two joined words "ThinkMax". 

The new Thinkmax.

We simplified and refined the design, selecting a modern typeface with slight modifications in which to set the name. We dropped inconsistent usages of the name, giving Thinkmax a unique wordmark all their own. And we dotted the "i" with a unique symbol, dubbed the "Infiniloop", which married the symbols for a thought bubble and infinity to tie together the root concepts behind the name. The result is a modern, confidant and professional logo, ready for a future of growth.

Building a custom enterprise app for WSP's Environment Group.

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